4/5/20 Sunday

Instead of bellyaching about my problems this week, I feel more like just writing about what I’m thankful for. So this evening, instead of hitting that zone to open my heart to the world, I’m just taking a few moments to appreciate a few of the smaller things. Everyday, life offers its little blessings that too often go unnoticed, especially by me. For example it’s easy to become accustomed to where I live, to not appreciate the natural beauty around me all the time. Yesterday I paused at a place I’ve driven by a thousand times, I paused to pull my truck over to the side of the road where no one usually stops. I watch the sun and the wind move across the water. Driving by it looks like one scene, but in reality the view is constantly changing, a dance where no move is repeated.

after-the-rain.org / Penn Cove

I’m thankful for this cat (Keyton), which Day and I picked out as a kitten. He came from an abandoned litter. A natural born mouser, an incorrigible hand shredder, lap heater, obsessive cabinet door opener. If I let him outside he’s gone for hours. He travels and hunts anything that moves, I’ve watched him charge deer. I don’t see him much though, Sara won’t let him come over to my new place anymore. But when she was in the hospital I brought him over here anyway, because I love him, and he makes us happy. I always keep a can of tuna on hand just in case..

after-the-rain.org / Cat on a windowsill

Most of all I’m thankful for my family. I have the best son in the world, a great Dad in Tennessee who I should make an effort to see more often, and a loving Mom here on the island. I dropped by to see her today. She watches the news too much and worries about everything. When it gets too much I ask her if she’s seen any interesting birds at her feeder, and she lights up and tells me about the first goldfinch of the season, a pileated woodpecker, and how the starlings bully the other birds.

Day is with Sara this weekend. The house is quiet, the town is quiet. It’s just me on a hazy spring Sunday, thankful for what I have, those around me, thankful for our health. There’s enough negativity out in the world these days, but it won’t get me down today, have to stay positive. I found a cache of discarded lumber scraps earlier, and spent this evening with a glass of wine, some won ton soup, and my tools on the living room floor, turning the scrap wood into a nightstand. It’s been a good day, I’m ready to go to bed.

after-the-rain.org / Nightstand